Client Testimonials

“The minute you meet the team at PIRB you'll understand what a personable and nice group they are to work with, but they are also unquestionably professional and perhaps most importantly clearly know the insurance industry very, very well. PIRB not only saved us money in premium costs, but also managed to increase our existing coverage and add on a new umbrella policy to boot. Net savings was significant annually for substantially better coverage. Needless to say I was impressed and would refer anyone to PIRB who needed an honest, knowledgeable agent who has your best interest at heart.”

Financial Planner

“Great team with great personalities, hard working and look out for your best interest. I would recommend PIRB and their team to anyone who needs any type of insurance.”



“PIRB’s agents are extremely knowledgeable and fast to respond when help is needed. They always makes sure I am getting the lowest price for the right amount of coverage.”

High Tech/Software Entrepreneur

“PIRB’s President, Chris Jordan, is an outstanding individual and professional. I have had the opportunity to work with Chris for several years. He has been an excellent business mentor to me. When I worked with CPCC’s board of trustees, Chris gave a mini-seminar on risk management and made sure the board was well informed before reaching a decision. Chris and his team provided top-notch service and provided all insurance coverage for the church. Everyone at the board admired their responsiveness, prompt and professional communications. If your Company is looking to obtain insurance, PIRB is the company to contact, I highly recommend them.”

President - Board of Trustees, Christian Church


“I've known Chris for more than seven years. We met each other at a business referral group, Business Network International, BNI. I've see first hand his and his teams service level towards their clients and it's top-notch. Chris is also a client of mine. Finally, we have also built up a close friendship.”

Vice President, Regional Bank

“Our agent at PIRB came to help out our company at a time when we had a "crisis" of rapidly escalating insurance premiums. They reorganized our insurance portfolio in a creative way, and aggressively negotiated with the carriers on our behalf. As a result our program is now under control, and the costs well managed.”

Wholesale Distributor


“PIRB is a trustworthy and reliable insurance agent.”

Commercial Loan Officer

“PIRB has saved my company a lot of money over the past two years and has taught me a lot about the insurance business. I could not ask for more. PIRB is thorough, fast and they know the insurance industry, bringing all these benefits to their clients. I highly recommend PIRB.”

Architectural Design Firm